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Benefits to Holders
Enhanced Reward System: MoonFit NFT holders can earn higher rewards for in-app activities and challenges, including exercise sessions and other features and events, making it more lucrative to stay active and engaged in the MoonFit community
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MoonFit is a Web3 & NFT Lifestyle App that promotes active living by rewarding users anytime they burn calories through physical activities. The Genesis MoonBeasts are a playable collection of 10,000 limited-edition the only ones that will ever exist with a Genesis marking in MoonFit. MoonBeasts owners can join MoonFit and get rewarded for training, breeding, opening MoonBoxes, or trading.

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MoonFit Project Overview

This section is devoted to accountability over brand communication, product development and launches. Including a GTM analysis, corporation and team breakdown, affiliated businesses/communities, and suspicious trade activity analysis. Collection’s receive access to update their announcments, drops/events, roadmap, and additional corporate details

Benefits to Holders

General Projects & Company Info


1. Benefits to Holders

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2. General Projects & Company Info

Company Info

Merchize company info illustration
Merchize is an on-demand printing and fulfillment company, we produce and deliver customized products globally and offer reliable & trustworthy services with a suite of powerful features that help merchants grow big businesses.
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Core Team Members

Jack Nguyen logo

Jack Nguyen


In 2016, I graduated Bachelor of Science, Comuputer Science at VNU University of Engineering and Technology with the grade of Top 1%. Jack’s achievement during university: The first runner-up in S.M.A.C Challenge – Organized by FPT Corporation (Nov 2014); The first runner-up in UET Hackathon (Mar 2014); IBM Certified Solution Designer Object Oriented Analysis and Design, vUML 2 (Issued May 2015)…After graduation, I moved forward to work at Foobla for more than 8 years now and contributed to many software products and businesses. I was previously the CPO of Merchize, a Web2 business that fulfills 10M+ merchandise orders and deliver to 190+ countries over 3 years

Steve Tran logo

Steve Tran

Marketing Manager

Quan Le logo

Quan Le

Project Manager

Lily Pham logo

Lily Pham

Marketing & Community

Marketing Executive I Content Creator I Social Media Executive

Son (Peter) Le logo

Son (Peter) Le

Business Development Executive

Experienced in Blockchain Project Manager/Marketing Lead, Research, BD

Lord Glimmer logo

Lord Glimmer

Community Manager

30+ married, 🗣️ my tweets are my thoughts out loud. Building cool stuff on #Moonbeam

Augustus Gloop logo

Augustus Gloop

Growth Hacker

Growth Engineer | MoonFit 🏋️Ecosystem Dev | TFA-DAO;Guardian Angel to MoonPets🐼 and SubWallet. Kryptonian with an oracle for DotSama

Huy Nguyen logo

Huy Nguyen

Mobile Engineer

I work as a mobile developer and so on with team sizes from 4 to 16 members. I have been working as Flutter Developer. Besides Flutter, I’m also skilled with Android, and IOS. I’m also an active and motivated person, a team player, and well knowledge of algorithms. I expect to work in a diversified team and join a challenging project to improve my skills and knowledge.

Nham Hoang logo

Nham Hoang

Senior Backend Engineer

Thao Vu logo

Thao Vu

Backend Developer

Le Bui logo

Le Bui


Hieu Dao logo

Hieu Dao


Co-Founder of SubWallet, Polkadot VN & Web3 VN’s community Admin,Founder of MediClowd (top 1 in eClinical Solution in Vietnam)

Thony logo



Co-Founder of SubWallet,ThimPress Studio's Founder, Merchize Founder & President

Frankie logo



Co-Founder of SubWallet Insight Studio and ThemeMove’s founder

3. Media