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So what exactly is Néah?

At Néah, we are building the gateway for NFT project discovery, designed for anyone and everyone to gather actionable insights. Consider it the layman's 'Coin Market Cap', but for Non-Fungibles. Your journey to discovering, understanding, and engaging with any non-fungible collection starts here.

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Our public knowledge-base makes discovery and analysis of non-fungibles a breeze

Objective Collection Scoring
Risk assessments derived from a set of important principles, and key takeaways from published collection narratives.
Storytelling through data
Comprehensive data analysis distilled into insights according to important questions consumers are asking.
Curated Media
Written, audio, and video content written by media partners and showcased on project, industry and category profiles.
Project Overview
Highlights the business case of the project, including, digital and product partnerships, events, media, announcements, and roadmaps direct from project teams.
Marketplace Activity
Take a deep dive into volume, price, liquidity, and suspicious trading trends from week to week.
Collector Profiles
Understand the holder base behind each project - who they are, the diversity, average holding period, and how profitable have their investments been.

Gateway to the world of Non-Fungible Assets

  • A showcase of all NFT projects across chains, industry and utility
  • Aggregated industry and category pages that highlight key volume, holder and project trends
  • Easily search and discover new or trending collections based on industries and utilities
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Trademarked Project Scores & Narratives

Overall Collection Score
Project Overview
Marketplace Activity
Collector Profile