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Moonbirds Oddities
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Moonbirds Oddities

10,000 Moonbird pellets, regurgitated from the imagination of artist Gremplin and revealed in July 2022. Each Oddity is derived from a Moonbird, with a smattering of new traits and features allocated at random through the collection.

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Moonbirds Oddities Project Overview

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Benefits to Holders

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1. Benefits to Holders

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2. General Projects & Company Info

Company Info

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Proof Holdings
We’re creators and builders that are deeply passionate about art and community. Celebrating the intersection of digital art and community, PROOF is building products to facilitate connection, education, and entertainment for NFT artists, collectors, and enthusiasts, ultimately working to make the space more accessible and diverse. Anchored by blue-chip NFT projects including PROOF Collective, Moonbirds and Oddities, PROOF is harnessing the power of its own collections to foster deep connections through shared incentives and long-term value creation, pioneering the next generation of web3 community, tools and tech.
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Core Team Members

Justin Mezzell logo

Justin Mezzell


Co-Founder & Chief Product Officer at PROOF

Kevin Rose logo

Kevin Rose


Partner at True Ventures. Kevin Rose is a serial entrepreneur and technology investor. He has been featured on the cover of Inc. Magazine, BusinessWeek, and RedHerring. Kevin was named a "Top 25 Angel Investors" by Bloomberg, "Top 25 Web Celebrities" by Forbes, "Top 35 Innovators" by MIT, and "Top 25 Most Influential People on the Web" by Time and BusinessWeek magazines. Notable angel investments: Twitter, Square, Foursquare, Nextdoor, Blue Bottle Coffee, Facebook, OMGPOP, Zynga, Chomp, ngmoco,

Arran Schlosberg logo

Arran Schlosberg

VP Engineering

VP Engineering @proof_xyz | Creator of PO{A}W; co-creator of @brotchain & @thekissprecise | Prev @Google + @DeepMind

Angharad Thomas logo

Angharad Thomas

Director of Product

Director of Product @proof_xyz. Co-creator @brotchain @thekissprecise & dev @every_icon.

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    True Ventures
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    SV Angel
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    Vayner Fund
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